And so…. a new blog site…

For a few years I’ve been writing a blog over on my employer’s site (Citrix) at, where I am a Product Manager. It felt that the time was right to go independent, as work and my own general interests are fairly merged with indistinct boundaries… I love the technologies I work on: remoting graphics, compression algorithms, CAD integration. The things I find interesting and inspiring and relevant though range from cats, architecture, competitors’ technologies and often obscure bits of maths… I guess I’ll still reference my work at Citrix as a Product Manager for HDX Graphics and Receivers but as an individual and my views, UK spelling, grammar and topics won’t necessarily be those of my employer.

I haven’t really got a good grip on WordPress yet, nor a clear idea about what I will write about… so open to suggestions/requests/comments… I’ve kept to a very simple theme as my first attempt saw me get a little bit too excited with themes and colours…. it looked rather like a 5 year old on psychedelic narcotics had designed this page…. oops!

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