D3DLive! My favourite CAD event and how to get a ticket for FREE! Now with added NVIDIA magic!

D3DLiveD3DLive! At Warwick University, UK on March 31st 2016, yet again looks to be pure AWESOMENESS! Every year I blog about why nobody can afford to miss this event and just how amazing it is to attend! Don’t just take it from me – you can read reviews from a number of attendees last year – here.

About D3DLive! And Develop3D

Develop3D LIVE! The list of exhibitors is huge covering all aspects of interest to a designer; the organisers are Develop 3D one of the biggest and most prestigious CAD magazines and online resources. On top of that the event is complete FREE!

It’s a technology event, rather than a sales event. It is also free, this means that the strong EMEA / UK development and architecture teams from the likes of Siemens PLM, Solidworks, Autodesk are usually there – the guys who actually write and design the products. It also means there is a wide range of users from the lone maker/designer up to the enterprise automotives. Develop3D have done a good job of pulling different technology streams and emerging trends together so there will be lots to see on hardware, IoT, 3D printing/scanning, haptics, PLM/PDM, simulation and CAE/AEC – all the parts of the real ecosystem around CAD. It also means the demos and speaker sessions are genuinely interesting and cutting edge with minimal marketing.

One my favourite parts of the D3DLive” day is playing “find the creepiest 3D-printing” competition my friends and I always play 😀 I found these in 2014!

The calibre of the speakers this event attracts is always stunning, this year’s program has already announced:

  • Dan Staples, VP of Mainstream Engineering R&D at Siemens PLM
  • Gian Paolo Bassi, SolidWorks CEO
  • Scott Reese, AutoDesk VP Cloud Platform
  • Adam Jull, IMSCAD Global
  • Jon Hirschtick, Onshape CEO and founder of SolidWorks
  • Simon Floyd, Microsoft, PLM Director
  • plus many more you can read about here

You can read the daily growing exhibitors list here (basically everyone in CAD and every technology that matters to CAD will be there!).

Cloud, Remote Graphics and GPUs will be on the agenda – bigger than ever before!

Four years ago I worked at Siemens PLM on the Parasolid kernel and back then there was a lot of cloud talk but there were an awful lot of “futures”, I moved to Citrix and worked on the first virtualized GPU solution with NVIDIA. I’ve recently moved to NVIDIA and am delighted we will be there as a sponsor this year. There will be lot familiar faces, of those that have pioneered exploiting GPUs to allow graphics remoting (running CAD in the cloud, CAD on an iPhone). I’m particularly excited that one of the main speakers will be Adam Jull from IMSCAD, who has been a serious earlier adopter (we interviewed him on this webinar about why remote graphics – back in 2014, here) delivering Autodesk remotely and from the cloud/virtualized. Seeing a specialist CAD virtualization company alongside the big CAD companies virtualizing (Autodesk 360 etc) will be particularly exciting as Adam has been a leader in virtualizing existing and legacy CAD applications. Develop3D did a super special edition featuring Adam and others remoting and virtualizing/cloudifying CAD, usually with the help of GPU technologies.

If you want to know what I personally work on do have a look at the NVIDIA GRID technologies, here. Or the real customer case studies where we have have enabled solutions like Autodesk on iPads and virtualised Catia with shared GPUs with customers like Nissan, Peugeot, Universities, SpaceX – there’s a long list with details, here – using technologies such as Citrix, VMware, NICE, Teridici and so on. Feel free to ask questions below or even better – come talk to me and the rest of the NVIDIA team face to face at D3DLive!

The Venue

This event fun, inspiring and uplifting – I would actively encourage those in EMEA or even further afield to consider a trip to the UK to attend. The conference is near to good transport links (motorway links and Birmingham Airport) and the heart of the UK motor industry. The AA Route planner says it is a 2 hour drive from London Stansted Airport. With other attractions such as Shakespeare’s Stratford, Warwick Castle and The National Motor Heritage Centre nearby, it’s even a good event to bring the family along to. Some attendees even do bring their (older) children for great career and technology inspiration and pure fun (You can read a review from Mar Dixon on her and her 14-year old daughter’s experiences at a previous D3DLive! – here)!

It also a well-connected part of the UK near to the major transport hubs of Birmingham and Coventry with great rail and air links. It’s also an affordable area of the UK, so if your experience has been of £200 London “budget” hotels, do take a second look. There is plenty of accommodation in Coventry (Warwick University is in Coventry), the nearby towns of Stratford and Leamington Spa and Warwick for under £50 from both chains and private guest houses. There are also a wealth of more luxurious options owing to the areas major tourist attraction. A site such as http://www.booking.com/ will give an idea of availability and prices (there are rooms starting from £36 for the night before the event currently).

If you really can’t go

Do sign up for Develop3D magazine and hear about the technologies all year round – subscribe here! It’s a super-read and I look forward to each month’s new edition! If you follow them on twitter they also let you know about interesting events, articles and news @Develop3D.

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