Esri ArcGIS and NVIDIA GRID – An awesome list of blogs to find out more

esri1About a month ago I wrote about an amazing webinar I’d seen detailing how South Florida Water Management had leveraged Cisco, VMware and NVIDIA GRID to solve problems with their original physical workstation usage of Esri GIS software. A must read – here. The webinar covered:

  • Best practices for testing, configuring, and sizing your environment
  • How to deliver a great experience for your ArcGIS Pro users
  • The best way to deploy ArcGIS Pro with NVIDIA GRID and VMware Horizon
Esri’s Emily Apsey visits NVIDIA HQ in March 2016 to advise dev and test on how NVIDIA and ArcGIS can make better products together! #GRIDdays

We were also lucky enough to have Emily Apsey, from Esri’s performance engineering team for ArcGIS, visit NVIDIA HQ as part of our #GRIDdays events to spend time with the developers and testers to ensure NVIDIA and Esri technologies are optimized to work together.

One of my new colleagues (Chip) said that if I loved the webinar I should check out this amazing list of blogs that cover a vast range of projects jointly between Esri, NVIDIA and also other partners such as Dell and Citrix. They are a fab read so I felt the need to share for the benefit of every Esri ArcGIS fan:

Chip did forget this one though 😀



Want to learn more:

  • More case studies on virtualising ArcGIS in a range of industries such as Oil and Gas, Education etc – are available here. I also have a list that covers a multitude of third-party case studies as well as NVIDIA ones, here.
  • Find out more about joint VMware and NVIDIA solutions for accelerated mobile and virtualized graphics, here. Including how to get a free test drive of a Windows desktop with 2D and 3D industry-leading enterprise applications such as: Autodesk AutoCAD, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, Esri ArcGIS Pro and Siemens NX.
  • Download the newest NVIDIA Performance Engineering Lab benchmarking guide detailing performance and scalability metrics for Esri ArcGIS 3D Pro 1.0. Results support a recommended “users per server” metric when virtualizing Esri’s ArcGIS Pro application with NVIDIA GRID vGPUs running VMware vSphere 6 w/ VMware Horizon 6.1. –
  • Ask real NVIDIA architects and engineers questions on the NVIDIA GRID FORUMS, here. You can also chat to other real users/customers and ask for their independent views and experiences.
  • Follow and read the Esri blogs, particularly bloggers involved in virtualization, such as Emily Apsey (from Esri’s performance engineering team) and John Meza
  • Follow @NVIDIAGRID, @vmwarhorizon, @Esri on twitter

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  1. Just found this thread, great info! The company i work for uses ESRI heavily and Citrix as well. We are in the process of refreshing our hardware for ESRI PRO 2.x on Xen 7.x.. does anyone have any updated info on this same topic? Things have changed a lot in the last few years. Thanks!

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