VMWorld 2016 – VMware let users set the agenda! Go VMware!

VMware Democracy at VMworld – it seems you can vote for what sessions you’d like to see. I think this is a super idea as it allows the community, partners and customers to actually pre-screen the balance of talks and speakers.

This kind of openness where VMworld lets their community see what has been submitted (and subsequently rejected/accepted) is great. It allows others to be aware of potential speakers who whilst might not be suitable for VMworld may fit other events/platforms better. It’s also a very strong message that this conference is for the users. Go VMware!

I wish more conferences did this.


  • From now till May 24th you will be able to cast your vote on the 1500+ submissions that came in through the Call for Papers. To VOTE, go to http://www.vmworld.com/en/call-for-papers.html log into your account – just click the “like” button and you’ve cast your vote.
  • Public Session Voting is the opportunity for the VMware community of experts, customers, partners, bloggers and enthusiasts to cast their votes and help shape the agenda for VMworld 2016.

Session Voting is open to everyone and anyone. You will be required to login to your vmworld.com account. If you do not have a vmworld.com account, you can set one up for free.



If you are interested in seeing sessions on NVIDIA GRID and vGPU, just search on key words like “NVIDIA” and “vGPU”. Some of the submissions I know of include:

  • Title: Why does Siemens use High-Performance Desktops with VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID – Submission from Soeren Reinersen, Siemens Wind VMware ,  Sarah Mannion NVIDIA, ID: 7888
  • Title: Sizing your NVIDIA GRID with VMware Horizon 7 – Submission from: Erik Bohnhorst, NVIDIA, ID: 8211
  • Title: Accelerating VMware Horizon Blast Extreme with NVIDIA GRID – Submission from: Erik Bohnhorst NVIDIA, ID: 7517
  • Title: Selecting the right NVIDIA GRID edition with VMware Horizon – Submission from: Manvender Rawat, NVIDIA ID: 8232
  • Title: A Technical Deep Dive on Performance, Scalability and Deployment Best Practices of GPU-accelerated workloads with VMware Horizon View and Nvidia GRID vGPU – Submission from: Lan Vu VMware and Manvender Rawat NVIDIA, ID: 8447
  • Title: Scientific Methodology to Determine User Experience for VDI – Submission from: Deepti Jain, NVIDIA, ID: 9202
  • Title: Customer Success at TSP: NVIDIA vGPU on Horizon View – Submission from: Jeff Weiss + NVIDIA Customer, ID: 8254
  • Title: NVIDIA vGPU on Horizon from Pilot to Production Deployment – Submission from: Jeff Weiss Submission ID: 8178
  • Title: Real world NVIDIA GRID vGPU sizing for optimized user experience with VMware vRealize – Submission from: Milan Diebel NVIDIA, ID: 8464
  • Title: How Architectural Design Firms Leverage Virtual GPU Technology for Global Collaboration – Submission from: Randall Siggers NVIDIA, ID: 9045


NVIDIA-GRID-vGPU-VMware-vSphereMany of these speakers have spoken at NVIDIA’s GTC events and recordings are available so you can get an idea of the expertise of the speakers and technical depth. See GTC-on-demand: HERE. Perhaps you have seen them and can comment below on sessions you are looking forward to at VMworld?

VMworld will be held on August 28 – Sept 1 2016 in Las Vegas. There is still time to sign-up.  If you’d like to find out more about our partnership with VMware – why not visit our community site; full of forums, FAQs, webinars and product overviews:

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