Security and IoT – The Race to Regulation (Recent Updates)


Relegating my own smart toys to a high shelf – creeping me out in so many ways!


We’ve had the vision, we’ve had the quirky demos and there are now all sorts of smart devices emerging on the market ranging from the brilliant innovative down to the baffling “just because you could doesn’t mean you should have” (smart salt cellar – really!?!).

The race to network and connect everything is accelerating – smart cars, fitbits, home heating systems, retail logistics supply chains and an awful lot of these devices process a lot of data about how we live and to some extent control our lives.

Whilst most key area areas of infrastructure and society are generally tightly regulated by government – the “internet of things” is frankly the wild west. Over the last few weeks there have been a number of really interesting articles that indicate that regulation is struggling to catch up with all that vision.

What’s striking is how many organisations are wading in to issue advice, draft plans and it all feels a bit of a panic.

I’ve started collating some of those that I found most interesting (and why), so in no particular order – I recommend spending a coffee break catching up with a few of these:


All these recent stories feed into a much bigger one and there are a few particularly insightful reads out there I’ve found particularly fun! I highly recommend:


As regulation comes in it will evolve and so many points are so vague today, that I expect we’ll see a flurry of test cases in courts, with many points and future regulation settled by precedent. Already the fines arising from the smart “adult toy” case (this link is safe to click) have had implications for the healthcare industry in particular as the data compromised involved body temperature.

The data the IoT collects around us is mind-blowing and cropping up in the legal system on other fronts; already we’ve seen a guy prosecuted for murdering his wife. It was the fitbit that pointed the finger!

P.S. There are some super commentators out there, making what should be a turgid subject really interesting. At the moment I’m more interested in how the heck this Internet of Things thing is going to be regulated and policed than the things being connected (especially the smart salt cellar 😉). One of my favourite bloggers/tweeters is Jon Baines in the UK, his commentary is super and available, here!


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