Code pondering – Number 1: Swapping two integers

Having done a fair few academic computer science courses and various coding jobs in a past-life I found that it was often thinking about the smallest code snippets carefully that you pick-up the raw building blocks for good, safe and efficient code. I haven’t written much code recently so have been brushing up my basics.

Compilers are now so good and computers so powerful that in practice you can write pretty terrible code and still make a perfectly performant and functional application.

One famous code problem is to swap two numbers without using an additional temporary variable. So you use only the memory already storing the numbers without requiring extra for the temporary variable. Consider…. Continue reading “Code pondering – Number 1: Swapping two integers”

Citrix Linux VDA now supports Ubuntu 16.04

Last year I wrote a blog on how to find out which Linux distributions are supported by VMware/Citrix, at the time I struggled to find some of the Citrix info as there wasn’t a master list in their documentation. With the recent 7.12 XenDesktop release though this changed and there’s now a nice clear list in the System Requirement Documentation (at the time of writing for 7.12), this reads: Continue reading “Citrix Linux VDA now supports Ubuntu 16.04”

Case studies in Education – NVIDIA GRID

There are now so many GRID case studies both from NVIDIA and the vast number of partners involved including:

  • OEMS (Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, Supermicro, HPE…)
  • Storage/HCI/SDN vendors: Atlantis, Nutanix, NetApp, EMC…
  • Virtualisation and protocol vendors: Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Teradici…

And so many use cases, applications deployed…. That frankly I can’t keep track or remember the specifics so I’ve set myself up an index to track these by industry:

Taking Education as an example I’ve collated a vast list in a format where I can use ctrl-f to find a specific app or server… below are all the ones I’ve collated to date, split by VMware / Citrix….

Education and Citrix

Continue reading “Case studies in Education – NVIDIA GRID”

VMWare ESXi announce High Availability (HA) for NVIDIA GRID vGPU VMs with vSphere 6.5

I was very pleased yesterday to see Pat Lee from VMware’s PM team tweet about this yesterday…


It’s something we knew VMware had added to vSphere 2016, vSphere 2016 supported in the GRID 4.1 (Nov 2016) release. As a VMware implemented feature this was something we at NVIDIA had to wait for them to announce. I think there have been a few problems with the documentation update staging which is why this has been a rather quiet feature release. I’ll update this blog with links to the documentation when it becomes available which should be soon!

But since Pat has let the cat out of the bag…. Probably best to answer a few basic questions straing away.

What is High Availability (HA)?

Continue reading “VMWare ESXi announce High Availability (HA) for NVIDIA GRID vGPU VMs with vSphere 6.5”

A few FAQs on Azure N-series inc. Do Azure N-Series VMs include NVIDIA GRID software license?

Last week I was at the UK Citrix User Group in London on December 1st 2016, the day Azure launched a new series of graphics focused. There is an NVIDIA blog as well as a Microsoft one overviewing the technology. Whilst I was there CTP Thomas Poppelgaard and others asked a few questions that I couldn’t answer on the spot, so this blog is a bit of an update for them.

The interest in Azure N-Series which use NVIDIA GRID GPUs via DDA (Direct Device Assignment – essentially pass-through) has been incredible and quite a few questions have come up already. Continue reading “A few FAQs on Azure N-series inc. Do Azure N-Series VMs include NVIDIA GRID software license?”

Autodesk Applications – Anywhere, Anytime Mobility on Any Device! Powered by NVIDIA GRID technologies.

greendrafters1-300x225NVIDIA GRID vGPU was launched in 2013 to enable applications to virtualize GPU resource and share GPUs to enable super-responsive graphics at a cost-effective price. Autodesk applications benefit greatly from GPU acceleration and over the last 3 years we’ve seen a huge number of customers deploy Autodesk applications such as Maya, Inventor, Moldflow, Revit and Autocad with our technologies.

This week NVIDIA is yet again at the amazing Autodesk University and I thought it would be nice to highlight some of the benefits of these technologies via a review of 4 of my personal favourite real customer implementations and stories and what they achieved virtualizing Autodesk applications. Continue reading “Autodesk Applications – Anywhere, Anytime Mobility on Any Device! Powered by NVIDIA GRID technologies.”

NVIDIA GRID vGPU: 512MB profiles, Win 10, framebuffer – new support article

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front over the last month or so – a long vacation coupled with a slight role change – but also working on some internal support documentation around 512MB profiles which is now published.

As ever the NVIDIA Enterprise Support KB articles are living documents and you should check the main document here: at the time of reading for up-to-date NVIDIA sactioned advice.

However I thought it would be nice to highlight the availability and reproduce the article as it stands today. The search facility on the KB system is reasonably good and it’s always worth checking for new articles and searching for answers: Continue reading “NVIDIA GRID vGPU: 512MB profiles, Win 10, framebuffer – new support article”

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