Monitoring NVIDIA vGPU for Citrix XenServer including with XenCenter

Real customers setting up GRID in the GTC 2016 hands-on; the following week the SA team tried it out on their colleagues including novices to GRID!

I had some fun at NVIDIA GTC 2016 taking part in a hands-on lab run by the SA (Solution Architecture) organisation of which I am a part. These labs are proving really useful for walking new-users to GRID through key operations on both VMware and Citrix stacks. The guys running it mooted adding more on monitoring once you have got set-up and I kind of volunteered to have a crack at a bonus chapter for the hands-on around monitoring on Citrix.

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Why isn’t my GPU being used with Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp?

I don’t know…..I’m not psychic ;-)! It’s a question that occasionally comes up so I’ve put together a trouble-shooting guide, available here:

  • CTX202149 – Known Issues or Configuration Reasons: OpenGL/DirectX/GPU Acceleration Not Used

I’ve included:

  • Links to tools to identify the issue
  • Known common configuration errors
  • Known issues with GPU drivers
  • Information on applications and Operating Systems that turn GPU-acceleration off by default.

You should always consult the CTX article as it is likely I will add to it in the future, but here is what I published today! Please do add any other issues you find to this blog comments and also let me know if you came across one of the issues (and which one), so I can work out whether writing lots of CTX articles is indeed a good use of my time! 😀

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