Open-sourced Virtualized GPU-sharing for KVM

Open source background concept glowingAbout a month ago Jack Madden’s Friday EUC news-blast (worth signing-up for), highlighted a recent  announcement from AMD around open-sourcing their GPU drivers for hardware shared-GPU (MxGPU) on the open-source KVM hypervisor.

The actual announcement was made by Michael De Neffe on the AMD site, here.

KVM is an open source hypervisor, favoured by many in the Linux ecosystem and segments such as education. Some commercial hypervisors are built upon KVM adding certain features and commercial support such as Red Hat RHEL. Many large users including cloud giants such as Google, take the open source KVM and roll their own version.

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Where to find open source components used within Citrix products

From time to time I get asked for source code for open source components that we use. There is a handy Citrix page where you can find the third-party attributions here:

Open source code we have to ship due to license restrictions/conditions/attributions is available alongside the products it is used in. For example for the Linux Receiver the only component that needs to be shared is FFMPEG which can be found in the Receiver download page

under “Additional Components” section.

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