NVIDIA GRID – May 2016 upcoming webinars

No boring recordings or scripted sales waffle on an NVIDIA webinar – just lots of real engineers and specialists willing to answer questions on the fly!

Golly gosh! There’s a lot of interest in GRID and GPU-sharing/virtualized graphics at the moment. So much so that the GRID team together with a number of partners are laying on a series of webinars to satisfy the demand for information stemming from recent VMware announcements and pre-Synergy interest around Citrix. So here’s a list for your diaries (even if you can’t make it – sign up and you will usually get sent the recording). Continue reading “NVIDIA GRID – May 2016 upcoming webinars”

Confessions of a VMware Secret Agent – NVIDIA GRID and Blast Extreme – answers!

I have a new secret double life! I’ve recently been involved in doing the live chat and Q&A from NVIDIA GRID webinars. If you never attended our webinars but you are interested in NVIDIA GRID technologies you should consider trying it. They usually take the format of a 1+ hour Webinar hosted by internal technology specialists like Support, Readiness or Product Management. We will show live demos, hints and best practices. And also we have regular Guest Speakers or partners involved.

Our next webinar is on Thursday 12th May 2016 (8am PST/11AM EST/4PM UK): “See How Virtual GPU Technology Can Increase User Productivity and Reduce IT Cost.”

Continue reading “Confessions of a VMware Secret Agent – NVIDIA GRID and Blast Extreme – answers!”

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