NVIDIA GRID: Citrix HDX adds support for Relative and Absolute Mouse Modes to Linux Receiver

Update: 14th September 2016 – Receiver For Windows 4.5 released today now adds support for Windows in addition to Linux!

Just a quick blog to highlight the availability on the Citrix HDX/ICA protocol of a feature enabling Relative Mouse mode. This is a particularly interesting for many NVIDIA GRID vGPU and graphical users as it enables better behavior of certain gaming like applications, particularly those favoured in federal simulations (battle and flight-simulators) e.g Bohemia Simulations VBS 2 & 3. Before on certain application without using an addition gamepad device the mouse could behave strangely ending up with the user pointing their barrel at the ground or sky. Continue reading “NVIDIA GRID: Citrix HDX adds support for Relative and Absolute Mouse Modes to Linux Receiver”

When to start your tweets with a “@”! Why some people add a dot e.g. “.@rhbbse” to tweets

dottweet.pngThe quirk of twitter

To avoid personal chatter spreading and swamping others twitter put in a clever yet obscure feature to ensure those tweets you want to broadcast spread and one-on-one chatter dies a quick death in the twitterverse.

If you send a tweet starting with a handle i.e. an @ is the first character:

  • “@rhbbse you are awesome”

It will get seen in news streams by me and anyone who follows BOTH of us, “mutual friends”

If you want the world to know though you have to avoid the @ e.g.

By adding a “.” in front or some other text e.g. “Hey world” the tweet will go to all your followers and not just those that we share.

This also applies when retweeting others’ tweets which is why you often see a “.” added.


You can read more about this quirk here:


Significant leaps in virtualized NVIDIA vGPU monitoring

Read the documentation – the User Guide provided alongside the managmeent SDK is really comprehensive!

Today NVIDIA announced a new monitoring SDK / API incorporated into its GRID vGPU products as part of their GRID August 2016 (4.0) release. This will be available from Friday 26th August 2016 as a software release for existing hardware, greatly enhancing the functionality for existing as well as new customers. (You can read the announcement here).

NVIDIA has broken ranks with traditional hardware-only GPU models and recognized enterprises needs software to manage and monitor GPUs as a component of the data centre. Software licensing has enabled existing customers to benefit from new features with fully supported software, directly supported by NVIDIA (you wouldn’t run your Microsoft OS or CAD software unsupported!). Continue reading “Significant leaps in virtualized NVIDIA vGPU monitoring”

“Now, you don’t punish anyone, Dutch or otherwise, for having big boobs.” – Women in IT

I couldn’t really think of an image I wanted to use for this blog – so here’s a pretty picture of Bury St. Edmunds where it appears there are some women employed in IT!

“Now, you don’t punish anyone, Dutch or otherwise, for having big boobs.” is a famous quote from the UK Comedy “The Office”. In the UK this week there has been a “can sexy women work in IT” story in the news this week. Amazingly focused on a woman working in IT in my rural home town Bury St. Edmunds (which was one of the most surprising elements to the story – I thought I was the “only woman in IT in the village”!. The Office sketch is 15 year old and pre-dates the explosion in social media networking, the comical figure of David Brent discussing women’s bust size in the workplace actually seems to have come true. Continue reading ““Now, you don’t punish anyone, Dutch or otherwise, for having big boobs.” – Women in IT”

Optimising TCP for Citrix HDX/ICA including Netscaler

Marius Sandbu – NGCA (NVIDIA GRID Community Advisor)  aka Clever Viking!

The TCP implementation within Citrix HDX/ICA protocol used by XenDesktop and XenApp and also Citrix Netscaler is pretty Vanilla to the original TCP/IP standards and definition and the out-of-the-box configuration usually does a good job on LAN. However, for WAN scenarios particularly with higher latencies and certain kinds of data (file transfers), Citrix deployments can benefit greatly from some tuning.

Continue reading “Optimising TCP for Citrix HDX/ICA including Netscaler”

NVIDIA – significant increases in parental benefits for employees

Rachel & Jonny

Yesterday all of us who work for NVIDIA got an email from our flamboyant CEO Jensen Huang. With some really quite startling positive changes to employee benefits for maternity and parental leave affecting employees worldwide. Including worldwide policy of 22 weeks full pay for maternity leave, which far out-strips statutory and industry standards in the majority of countries. Whilst many countries like the UK offer statutory maternity pay for longer in the UK and elsewhere the majority of the time is capped at a rate of under £150 a week.

The Announcement…

Continue reading “NVIDIA – significant increases in parental benefits for employees”

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