The Rachel FAQ – Questions people ask me too often!

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An enormous number of people within Citrix and the virtualisation ecosystem seem to think I can answer their questions and am an AQA service! So I’m going to write my answers down in the hope that people check here first…. For better and more comprehensive advice I suggest google, Wikipedia and on Citrix issues the Citrix Support site!

Citrix questions

  1. Is vGPU supported for XenApp? Yes. See here.
  2. Where can I find GPU/HDX/Graphics Case Sudies? Here is a list.
  3. Does Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp support 4k Monitors or high DPI devices? Read this.
  4. What products are available to monitor Citrix XenDesktop? Here is a non-comprehensive list.
  5. What are HDX and is it the same as ICA? Read this.
  6. Is Autodesk/Catia/Siemens/MS Office/Random Application supported for Citrix and NVIDIA vGPU? It’s complicated. Read this.
  7. Where can I get tools to measure GPU usage? Try here
  8. Where can I get graphical/CAD benchmarking tools? Try here
  9. Where can I get tools to debug XenSever or XenDesktop or HDX? Try here
  10. Where can I get a better answer to an NVIDIA GPU/vGPU/GRID question? Here or here.
  11. Where can I find similar bloggers/websites to this one? Try these
  12. Are you Derek Thorslund? No I am not.This is Derek.
  13. Are you the new Derek Thorslund? No. Derek is the overall Director of HDX Product Management and HDX Strategy, I am just the HDX Graphics, Linux Receiver and Android Receiver Product Manager.
  14. How can I debug a BSOD on XenServer? Follow this advice.
  15. Are you the best person to ask about framehawk? No, Derek Thorslund is the Product Manager for framehawk, his blogs is a better place to look for answers (here), or the Administrators’ guide.
  16. How can I understand HDX Graphics Modes (thinwire, compatibility, H.264)? Start here and read the links in the article!
  17. Where can I find information on Citrix and Microsoft Azure Cloud? Try here


  1. What is your cat’s name? Andrew.

Visiting the UK questions

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