NVIDIA Community Advisor Program – deadline June 15th 2016 – seeking more diverse candidates!

NVIDIA has a good record on corporate diversity metrics

NVIDIA recently announced an Enterprise Community Advisor program (initially focused on the GRID and virtualized products). Applications for this remain open until Midnight (UK time) on 15th June 2016. So still plenty of time to apply! You can read the program announcement and details on how to apply here: https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2016/04/04/nvidia-grid/

To date we have over 30 applications of which 1 is female and 2 not from North America or _Northern_ EMEA (Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, etc)….While applications will only be assessed on pure technical merit/experience to the criteria on the application form (see here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15EZEfjrR28ofHd8FU7lWWoiR_KETx-0mzy6an_ng424/viewform), I had hoped we’d have a more diverse gender and geographical set of candidates and I’m not sure why we don’t.

The lack of female candidates

This was not a huge surprise. I don’t come across many women working in virtualization or on the technical/practical side of professional virtualized graphics. A similar advisor program launched by partner Atlantis announced an initial cohort of 28 Virtualisation and Storage experts – all male and mostly North American and Northern European: http://www.atlantiscomputing.com/pr_2016_04_26_atlantis-computing-expands-atlantis-community-experts-program. It’s also only in the last year or so that Citrix’s CTP 50 member strong program has had any female professionals (now 4).

Why virtualization seems particularly low on women compared to many areas of IT I’ve never fully worked out thought…. ???

The lack of candidates from other geographies

This is more puzzling as I come across huge numbers of NVIDIA GRID users, partners and experts in regions and countries such as Brazil, China, Russia, Japan, ANZ, India and Southern and Eastern Europe. So I’m racking my brains for reason as to why candidates haven’t emerged from these regions, mooting possibilities such as:

  • Language barriers
  • Not advertising in the right places – are mine and the @NVIDIAGRID teams social streams to USA and EMEA focussed
  • Obstacles to travel / involvement
  • Culturally community programs don’t align well with business practices / culture

Should I worry? Have I done enough to ensure potential qualified candidates know about the program?

If candidates don’t apply you can’t consider them, is it that they don’t exist or am I just not reaching them…. Thoughts?

Dial “B” for Business – New vGPU profiles – Info online

The fury of a CTP at shoddy blog info!

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the new NVIDIA GRID vGPU profiles such as the M60-1B that allow 4 monitors under the NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC (vPC) product licensing, expanding the options and lowering the TCO to use shared GPU for 2D/office applications with demanding end-clients or monitor usage.

Almost as soon as I had published it, Citrix CTP Tobias Kreidl emailed me asking why I hadn’t linked to the documentation discussed. I had to confess it was because the documentation was from the product download and I hadn’t found it online. Hell hath no fury like the #OldestCTPInTheWorld! So I went hunting a bit harder.

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Phoenix, Arizona: New Citrix User Group! First meeting, August 4th 2015, 7pm at the Citrix Office in Tempe

arizona-state-flagA new Citrix User Group is preparing their first events, led by a user committee of experienced virtualisation experts including): Steve Greenberg (CTP), David Gautney and Rory Monaghan. This new group will join similar groups established in Norway, UK, Poland, Germany and many other countries (check out what to expect, here), providing usually free (or at minimal cost) local events, usually in the local language. Continue reading Phoenix, Arizona: New Citrix User Group! First meeting, August 4th 2015, 7pm at the Citrix Office in Tempe

Limitations in monitoring shared NVIDIA GPU technologies

gpumonitoringA physical GPU can be shared in a number of ways such as NVIDIA vGPU with Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp or GPU-sharing with XenApp (this is actually a form of pass-through with the sharing done at the RDS layer), or used 1:1 with VMs in VDI with GPU pass-through.

When using a pass-through mechanism the Continue reading Limitations in monitoring shared NVIDIA GPU technologies