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The fury of a CTP at shoddy blog info!

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the new NVIDIA GRID vGPU profiles such as the M60-1B that allow 4 monitors under the NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC (vPC) product licensing, expanding the options and lowering the TCO to use shared GPU for 2D/office applications with demanding end-clients or monitor usage.

Almost as soon as I had published it, Citrix CTP Tobias Kreidl emailed me asking why I hadn’t linked to the documentation discussed. I had to confess it was because the documentation was from the product download and I hadn’t found it online. Hell hath no fury like the #OldestCTPInTheWorld! So I went hunting a bit harder.

The NVIDIA GRID product comes in 3 offerings now, Virtual Workstation, Virtual PC and Virtual Apps.


To actually find out what these editions allow, how many monitors, what vGPU profiles are allowed you need to read the licensing guide.

To find the guide:

On the main GRID home page: http://www.nvidia.com/object/grid-technology.html

  1. Click on the “Resources” tab; which should take you to: http://www.nvidia.com/object/grid-enterprise-resources.html


  1. Then click on the “Deployment Guides” arrow/tab/drop-down


  1. There you should see links to (red arrow = “NVIDIA GRID Packaging and Licensing Guide”; green arrow = “GRID Licensing Guide”; blue arrow = “GRID vGPU User Guide”)


  1. These docs should explain the detailed specifications of each edition. Direct links:
Gandalf scolds young lagomorphs who have strayed from the path of clear documentation and hyperlinks!



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